Thursday 19 June 2014

workshop Origami - CORSI ANIMATORI 3° Livello Mestre 2014


Dear partecipants to my Origami workshop,
I hope you're fine, I really hope you've enjoyed my class, it was a project in which I put a lot of hopes and, from my perspective, it was completely satisfying.

guys, you were some of the best people I've ever taught to, you were a few too silently at the beginning... anyway the result of my workshop is a benchmark for me.

This post is to give you some hints on how to fold the origami model some of you asked me.
At the end I've realized it is a model called
Clic-Clac designed by Paolo Bascetta.

Yes, indeed it comes from the same designer of the huge star we've folded together !

At the end of this post you will find a video tutorial on how to fold it, as I told you, it's a modular action model, if you need help in some passage, or if you want some helps in folding it, or anything else, please contact me at the e-mail address you can find at the right, in my presentation.

Well it's not finished here !

I've got only another thing to ask you...

I'm always looking to improve my teaching style, so please, give me a feedback. 

Please write me (in the comment section or by a private e-mail, as you prefer) what was good and what was bad in my workshop.
Don't be
shy, I'm also interested in bad things (that's where I want to improve!), things you've appreciated or not, things you think can be improved, things you've particularly enjoyed.
I'm also very curious on what was you expectation when you've subscribed to my origami workshop, by the way I know I'm asking a lot of things...

And also I still don't know if someone of you will ever read this post :-)

So on, here we are, below there's the video (ok, it is in Spanish, but don't you dare to complain eh!):


It was a pleasure to fold together with you,
my best wishes of a summer camp full of joy, and with some folds...

I fully agree with our friends don Bosco:
"I want to see you happy through time and eternity"


Cari partecipanti al mio workshop di origami,
spero che stiate tutti bene, spero veramente che vi siate divertiti nella mia classe, per me questo workshop era un progetto in cui riponevo molte speranze e, dal mio punto di vista, sono stato pienamente soddisfatto.

Cari ragazzi, siete alcune delle persone migliori a cui abbia mai insegnato, siete stati un po' troppo silenziosi all'inizio eh... ma, in ogni caso, il risultato di questo workshop è un punto di riferimento per me.

Vi scrivo questo post per darvi alcuni suggerimenti per piegare il modello che alcuni di voi mi hanno chiesto ma che sul momento non ricordavo.

Alla fine ho scoperto che si tratta del modello Clic-Clac di Paolo Bascetta.

Esattamente, viene proprio dallo stesso autore della mega stella che abbiamo piegato insieme !

Alla fine di questo post troverete un video con le istruzioni per come piegarlo, come vi dicevo è un modello modulare d'azione, se avete bisogno di aiuto in qualche pasaggio, se volete qualche suggerimento, o qualsiasi altra cosa, per piacere contattatemi all'indirizzo e-mail che potete trovare quì a destra nella mia presentazione.

Ma non è finita quì.

Ho solo un'altra cosa da chiedervi...

Sono sempre alla ricerca di migliorare il mio stile di insegnamento, quindi vi chiedo se, per cortesia, potete darmi un feedback.

Per piacere, scrivetemi (nei commenti oppure con una mail, come preferite) cosa vi è piacuito e cosa invece non avete gradito particolarmente nel mio workshop.
Non siate timidi, sono interessato anche alle critiche (è proprio li che voglio migliorare!), cosa avete apprezzato e cosa invece no, cosa credete che si possa migliorare, e cosa vi è piaciuto di più.

Sono molto curioso di sapere cosa vi aspettavate quando vi siete iscritti al workshop di origami, ma so che vi stò chiedendo molto...

E non so ancora se qualcuno di voi leggerà mai questo post :-)

Comunque quà sotto c'è il video che mi avete chiesto (si ok, è in spagnolo, ma non lamentatevi eh!):

È stato un piacere piegare con voi,
Vi auguro dei campi estivi pieni di gioia, e magari con qualche piega...

Mi trovo perfettamente daccordo con il nostro amico don Bosco:
"Desidero vedervi felici nel tempo e nella eternità"

Thursday 5 June 2014

Oh Yeah ! #2

I'm back...

Friday 4 April 2014

Gift for a friend of mine

Baby Dragon


Designed by: Daniela Carboni

One square sheet of elephant hide 25x25cm.
This paper caused a few trouble in some passages but, quoting Tom Hull (and sounds also Chiara Raffaelli)in 2012 Italian convention:
"Everything is better with elephant hide"

Diagrams on: License to Fold pag 12

Thursday 11 July 2013

Gift Making

an origami friend of mine is going to graduate... this will become my gift.

Friday 7 June 2013

Thursday 11 April 2013

Pause - Get back soon.

Dear readers,

(As if there were any)

In these months, I've put in pause my hands from origami, mainly because study must be first.
In this period I have to renounced two origami important meeting: one exibition in Vicenza and a wonderful convenction in Bellaria (Rimini).
And I'm so sorry! It was a giant pitty not been there!

Anyway I'm restarting to fold origami, however, as per any skills, not use it for a while and when you restart it's not the same as when you've stopped.

In these days I'm folding to reach again the level (precision, fantasy, and know-how which can be translated as "ability") that I was before, or at least to enable me to post some pic here.

Wait a few time, soon there will be some news...

Friday 12 October 2012

My challenge to myself

I win.
Pyramidated Icosahedron, as know as Star.
Designed by: Paolo Bascetta.
30 sheets 70x70cm square.
Paper provided by "Carteria Tassotti" in partnership with "Orizzonti di carta".

Tuesday 31 July 2012

Wednesday 18 July 2012


Recently I've been in contact with a paper production firm and it's association, at the aim to develop some model to be showed during an exhibition, the subject of the fair wasn't directly related to paper, it's "creative recycling", so I (together with some other paperfolders) thought some model that may be taught to beginners and that may be in target with the aim of the fair, using also recycled paper as well Tassotti's Paper.
So on, here some of the model I folded to display, and (of course) to teach.

M. Peterson's ring and Paolo Bascetta's Variation.
Performed in partnership with: Orizzonti di Carta and Carteria Tassotti.

Wednesday 28 March 2012

I think I'm gaining some skills ...

Actual vs Previous.
Jun Maekawa's Deer.

As you know I'm starting to scout the figurative world of Origami, the landscape was fairly new for me.

Well, these are my first (light one) and the second (dark one) fold of the same model...
It seems as if I'm gaining some skills, isn't it?

Sunday 12 February 2012

The Weird Path

So now here I am,
after resting for a while to give me the time to learn this new origami field, and after learned lots, several things, at the convenction, things about paper, about shaping the model, about the art in each model and much more...
I think you (as if there are any readers) deserve some news.
I started folding new "stuff" by folding owl.
I thought that, at the aim to avoid large collapses or a nervous breakdown it's better to start without great steps, but by baby steps.
In fact my owl has tassellation, lost of tassellation, I obviously talking about Beth Johnson's hex owl
Beth Johnson's hex owl

Than I moved to the simmetrical mathemathic figurative origami by Jun Meakawa, with his dear and his winged rainder
Jun Meakawa's Dear
Jun Meakawa's Winged Rainder

Suddently I travelled to the Zen inspiring dancing models of Giang Dinh by folding his bear, but this step will be a too large step, in fact I'm not so happy about my result... 

Than I move to the perfect repruductive model of Pasquale D'Auria, by folding (together with He) his Grim Reaper.

Pasquale D'auria's Grim Reaper


and his wondrous Rose.
Pasquale D'auria's Rose

So I met the person who I revere from many years, I litterally worship she.
I'm talking about Luisa Canovi.

And finally I can met she and fold together with she and I'm very VERY proud about it.
So I tried to fold her palm, result is regrettable compered with her one, but it is my result.
Luisa Canovi's Palm

I also bougth some books to refine the technique in this my evolution, one of it was:

Origami Essence By Roman Diaz

from which
I folded:
a nice vixen
Roman Diaz's Vixen

a dove
Roman Diaz's Dove in Love

and another owl
Roman Diaz's Owl

Than I tried the essential style of Federico Scalambra with his pig (I know odd choice of paper color) and his elephant.
Federico Scalambra's Pig and Elephant

Finally I landed to the models of Eric Joisel, in this moment I love his style.
There's no way to describe how folding his model can relax me, I concentrate in the shaping of it, and the only reason because it actually succeed is because I forget how many layer of paper I am folding,
my approach to the paper has become more lovable, tender, soft, so that even it (the paper) forget that it should tear and break itself.
Up to now I've folded Eric's Rat 

Eric Joisel's Rat

and his variation on a Crane.
Eric Joisel's Variation on a Crane

Of cource between this there's a lot of models that I rejected, e.g. Unicon of Roman Diaz, the just mentioned bear by Giang Dinh and the Baby Dragon by Daniela Carboni and Francesco Miglionico's Sailing Ship, and much more...

Ah about the Super Complex I'm planning to fold the Ancient Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya, I'm stopped at step 40, it will take me several months to finish it.

Here I am, ready for new adventures and gambling. I welcome suggestions, criticisms, questions, insults and much more.

Ah I'm planning to remove or better change that disquieting eye on the top, any hints, ideas?

Saturday 26 November 2011

Towards infinity and Beyond...

My last post was upon the Yun Mitani's geometric forms, well I've done some of it, here the result, it's looks nice isn't it?


My last post also has as title "Future Projects"...
But as you can see there's three models left to the preview.

Well, I had to stop the previous project because I'm suddently fall in love for another origami's field.

Yes, I really deal with reproductive Origami.
Figurative origami is becoming more and more involving to me.
It's quite strange, 'cause up to now I'm a geometric, modularist, tassellator.
By the way, this thing makes me curious.

Anyway in this moment I'm producing my own paper (by glueing two sheets of tissue paper), and, even if it's my first trial, and I know it won't be the best, it seems that the first result isn't so bad, it's surely foldable, and quite good, apart for a few defects, that I'm learning how to avoid.

Here we are at the title of this post,
Actually I'm discovering a new world, I have to start out learning the basis of this new amazing world, and the first attempt won't be so nice as my first attempt in geometric one, so...

Please, don't worry if next origami I will post here doesn't looks so nice as the previous one, it's time for me to improve and develop a new kind of art.

I'm looking forward to, even if this means that my models won't be so nice as the geometric one.

I hope you understand and you're so excited as I am in this new project:

Towards infinity and Beyond...

Friday 28 October 2011

Future Project

Since I've just discovered Jun Mitani's Software to project origami (tnx Luca) I'm working upon a few model I've designed with it.

Please give me a few time to fold it, once I've done I will surely post the result here.

I want to stress that, since it is my first trial, it could be quite nasty respect to the preview...

Here how it should look like.


Please visit:

Sunday 20 March 2011

Thursday 17 March 2011

Things... for the Italian Contest

Model by Tomoko Fuse

Model formed with 30 modular unit by Thomas Hull

Model by Hans Werner Guth

Four simple folds called "crimp" arranged to form the Italian flag

 Three cubes
Model by Tomoko Fuse

Three easy curved folds

I was running out the red paper, what to do with the miserable remains?

Three Strafanti 
and an Omega Star

To see photos of other artists visit: