Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pause - Get back soon.

Dear readers,

(As if there were any)

In these months, I've put in pause my hands from origami, mainly because study must be first.
In this period I have to renounced two origami important meeting: one exibition in Vicenza and a wonderful convenction in Bellaria (Rimini).
And I'm so sorry! It was a giant pitty not been there!

Anyway I'm restarting to fold origami, however, as per any skills, not use it for a while and when you restart it's not the same as when you've stopped.

In these days I'm folding to reach again the level (precision, fantasy, and know-how which can be translated as "ability") that I was before, or at least to enable me to post some pic here.

Wait a few time, soon there will be some news...

1 comment:

  1. Dear readers,

    (As if there were any)

    You'd be surprised. :-)


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