Saturday, 26 November 2011

Towards infinity and Beyond...

My last post was upon the Yun Mitani's geometric forms, well I've done some of it, here the result, it's looks nice isn't it?


My last post also has as title "Future Projects"...
But as you can see there's three models left to the preview.

Well, I had to stop the previous project because I'm suddently fall in love for another origami's field.

Yes, I really deal with reproductive Origami.
Figurative origami is becoming more and more involving to me.
It's quite strange, 'cause up to now I'm a geometric, modularist, tassellator.
By the way, this thing makes me curious.

Anyway in this moment I'm producing my own paper (by glueing two sheets of tissue paper), and, even if it's my first trial, and I know it won't be the best, it seems that the first result isn't so bad, it's surely foldable, and quite good, apart for a few defects, that I'm learning how to avoid.

Here we are at the title of this post,
Actually I'm discovering a new world, I have to start out learning the basis of this new amazing world, and the first attempt won't be so nice as my first attempt in geometric one, so...

Please, don't worry if next origami I will post here doesn't looks so nice as the previous one, it's time for me to improve and develop a new kind of art.

I'm looking forward to, even if this means that my models won't be so nice as the geometric one.

I hope you understand and you're so excited as I am in this new project:

Towards infinity and Beyond...

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